Opdateret produktversion




Uddrag fra Document Capture changelog; 


  • Optimized performance when showing the DC Document Files fact box containing many files. This issue has been corrected by limiting the number of files shown in the fact box to a maximum of 250 for each category. It is still possible to see all the files by using drill-down from the “No. of Documents” field on the vendor card.

  • Corrected issue when an error occurred in NAV 2016 and NAV 2017 upon opening the purchase order statistics screen. 

  • Corrected issue when an "Insufficient memory" error occurred upon validating "Buy-from Vendor No." on the "Purchase Invoice With Image" page in the North American version. 

  • Corrected issue when the following error occurred during an upgrade to DC4.50: Client-ID must have a value in Continia Company Setup: Primary Key.



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